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Neck and Hand Restraints

Your hands and arms will be tied up, thanks to this hot BDSM item!It has a sturdy structure and is made up of neck and waist straps. The strap at the back is securely sewn on and has two handcuffs (one on top of the other) attached to it. All straps can be adjusted, thanks to the buckle fasteners and the numerous buckle holes. Black imitation leather. Material: polyurethane.

Prix 31,08 €

Restraint Set with Pillory

Bondage for experts! Professional bondage set with a collar, handcuffs and pillory. A high-quality finish, made out of shiny stainless steel. With practical magnetic fasteners that include pins. All the snap hooks can be unscrewed. Circumference of collar 37 cm, circumference of handcuffs 17 cm, complete length of bar 32 cm. Stainless steel.

Prix 106,68 €