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Fanny is a fancy small size, rechargeable wand vibrator with a flexible Ø 4,3 head. It has a strong motor in the top part and it is specially designed to give the clitoris the best sensual stimulation. This is the best toy for ladies who are sensitive and do want to please their selves with passionate vibrations.

Prix 40,44 €


SARA. The max diameter of the rod can be 41.5 mm so everyone can be completely satisfied with the substantial size inside her! Sole triple-motor stimulates simultaneously (rabbit ear high frequency dual-motor can stimulate vagina and clit), and takes you to another level of thrilling pleasure!

  • * 10 Vibration modes
  • * Tripple-Motor
  • * USB Rechargeable
  • * IPX7 100% Waterproof
Prix 69,84 €