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Largo Cream 40ml

Massage cream for the intimate sphere of man! Application: Externally! A thin layer of the cream should be applied over the entire length of the penis and gently massaged into it with the finger tips. Note! Before application, clean thoroughly with warm water and mild soap.

Prix 27,72 €

Madame Orgasm cream 18 ml

For promotion of hygiene of the female genital tract, generating an attractive odour. Massaging the clitoris should be in the nature of "caressing and stroking”. This imparts a delightful erotic sensation to the clitoris. 1 cm (1/2”) cream from the tube is sufficient.

Prix 17,94 €

Magnaphall Cream 45ml

A penis massaging cream. The male genitals need special care. The cream cares the penis tenderly and cleanses it thoroughly. Moreover the cream sets a highly erotic penis scent free.

Prix 20,94 €

Maximum Cream 45ml

Penis-care- balm. To care, massage and thoroughly cleanse the penis and intensify the typical eroticizing penis scent. These effects are accompanied by better blood flow and comfortable stimulation. Care instruction: Apply MAXIMUM on the entire length of the penis and massage gently.

Prix 34,92 €